Saturday, November 16, 2013

Feathered Thanksgiving Wreath - SUPER EASY!

This year with Thanksgiving being so late I wanted to create decorations that I can easily change out to Christmas decorations.

The wreath I made for Halloween was so easy that I decided to make something similar.

Feather wreaths are so darn easy to make. And they last amazingly well in weather. Mine is lasting through wind storms, rain, and sun. My front door is a bit protected by a porch but I am amazed at how well it holds together.

You need 4 items:
  • Styrofoam wreath form
  • White Feather Boas (I bought 3)
  • Upholstery pins 
  • Wired ribbon of your choice
I purchased the wreath forms and feather boas at Save On Crafts. If you have never been to this website, you are in for a treat. This site is packed with everything you need to create any craft, and the prices are fantastic.

Start by pinning an end of the wreath into the styrofoam form. Wrap the boa around the form until you run out of boa. 

Overlap the end of the second boa with the end of the first boa on the form and pin it. 

Wrap the second boa and repeat the process with the third boa until the wreath form is covered. Pin the final end. 

I find it easiest to tie a bow if the ribbon is first tied around the wreath. I tied  the ribbon  around the top of the wreath, then tied a bow. I chose a copper colored ribbon for Thanksgiving. I plan to change it out and add Christmas balls to it after Thanksgiving is over. 

But for now, I have my Thanksgiving wreath that makes me smile each time I approach my front door.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with easy decorations that make an impact.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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