Saturday, January 4, 2014

Flu Fighting Tea - DIY and Organic!

I get sore throats a lot. Not just from viruses but also from talking a lot. Have I mentioned that I talk a lot? 

I recently found a great recipe on Pinterest that I have made. It makes the most soothing tea! I am also detoxing my body this year so my stomach has been upset. This also includes stuff to calm the stomach. The tea is relaxing, soothing, and smells like heaven. 

One of my sisters (I have 6) swears by gargling with alcohol (brandy, cognac, etc.) to cure a sore throat. So if you are a believer in alcohol killing all germs, feel free to do this before you drink your tea. Or add it into your tea. Everybody is different and you need to use what works for you.

You can find this recipe all over Pinterest but I will add it below too. Below the recipe I will add in additional things you can add to your tea and how they benefit your body. 

Flu Fighting Tea 

1 organic lemon
1" piece of fresh ginger
1 Cup Raw Honey-pourable

Container to put it all in. 

Slice the lemon into thin slices then cut them into pieces that will fit into your container.

Peel the ginger and use either the peeler or a knife to cut small small pieces of ginger. Fresh ginger can be quite strong so chop more finely than the lemons. Add the ginger to the container.

Pour the raw honey over the lemons and ginger. Use the knife to make sure the honey is seeping into all the crevices and filling the container. I fill the container with honey, but leave a 1/2" gap at the top because when the lemon juice mixes with the honey the whole mixture expands a little. 

Cover tightly and set aside. The lemon juice will be pulled out of the lemons and mix with the honey. The ginger essence will also mix into the honey making one of the most yummy concoctions. 

Eventually the lemon, including the rind, will break down in the honey and create a jelly looking mixture. 

To use: put a tablespoon or 2 into a cup and add hot, not boiling, water. Stir and enjoy. You can breathe in the scents and it will help soothe sinuses. Then sip the tea.

Ingredient benefits and additions:

Raw Honey Benefits
Lemon Benefits
Ginger Benefits

Sprinkle any of these into your tea to add additional flavors and benefits. 

Cinnamon Benefits
Cayenne Benefits  (if your stomach is upset, don't use this one).
Alcohol (drinking too much will compromise your immune system--everything in moderation)

Here's to a #HealthyHappy2014!


  1. How long is shelf life?

  2. Since you want the lemon to break down and the honey won't ever go bad this will last for months. I would say at least 6 months. Once the lemon starts to break down, store it in your refrigerator.